Plainsboro Plaza,
10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Ste 301C,
PlainsboroNew Jersey 08536
(609) 936-1000
(609) 269-8632
Plainsboro Plaza,
10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Ste 301C,
Next to Plainsboro Post Office
Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536
(609) 936-1000
(609) 269-8632
We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Facebook Review: You have the best food in town
Kelly Baugher
Facebook Review: Some of the best Mexican food ever when I can't get to my mama and grandma's Spanish cooking. Very tender and got pulled
David Ciszewski
Google Review: Pretty good food. More meat options than Chipotle but the format is similar. The prices are also a little lower. Rice was a bit dried out. The pulled chicken has a nice little kick.
Tom D
Google Review: Surprisingly this place the food is so fresh and so clean every time they taking your order they take their gloves off and put new gloves on for every customer. I would say this place is fast fresh and clean!
Olga Bogus
Google Review: Friendly staff. Food was prepared well done and for great prices.
Alyssa Thompson
I live in Manhattan, but was working on a consulting project in Plainsboro. Naturally, the first question was.. what's there to eat around here? Please note that I am a picky eater. On the recommendation from my client, I tried Mexican Post. It is way better than Chipotle, Qdoba, or Moes. The servings are pretty big as well. They process your order quickly and have a rewards card (10 meals, get 1 free). Highly recommended!
Godfrey M.
You are the best; the pork is outstandingly good and succulent. The beans - both pinto and black - are deliciously rich and satisfying.
The good was absolutely amazing! And it tasted very fresh, and the serving style allowed us to cater to our own tastes and nutirition concerns.
I like it here, and am making plans to come back good place for Happy Hour when hitting a few spots, not sure if I would go any other time.... a bit loud a few hours in, but cheap happy hour prices made it ok in my book. Less mex and more taco bell, but a change of pace from many places.
Xtine H. Philadelphia, PA
My husband and I had a delicious dinner at Mexican Post but the place is freezing! It was 40 degrees outside and their doors don't close quickly, so it was so drafty to the point that my husband and I were sitting there in our coats, shivering. To our server's credit, she took our dessert off the bill for our discomfort, but still. Bundle up because the food is great and not expensive.